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Urine and blood-based deer repellents have little to no effect at stopping white-tailed deer from browsing. -- Connecticut Ag Experiment Station


We completely understand your dilemma.Take advantage of hundreds of hours already devoted to researching deer repellents. We saw the need for a simplified, honest way to research deer repellent options.

  • Labels can’t be trusted.
  • They don’t all work.
  • Many wash right off.
  • Reapplying after rain is necessary.

Some are so expensive to use, buying new plants may cost less. Unfortunately, that isn’t what anyone wants.

More damage isn’t how you want to discover if it’s going to work or not. What makes the Best Deer Repellent?


Don’t buy a deer deterrent product based on label claims or advertising. All labels guarantee it works great… but try claiming a refund.

Be an informed consumer! Our deer repellent reviews feature:

  • Actual User Feedback
  • Application Information
  • Duration of effectiveness
  • Area of coverage
  • Cost of use

Stop deer damage the most effective and economical way possible. Research your options: Deer Repellent Reviews


We all have special plants – flowers, shrubs, and trees that we aren’t willing to live without. Naturally some of these are irresistible to deer too, even more so when there’s not lots of wild food for them.

  • Smell sweet? Probably deer candy.
  • Deer smell plants a mile away.
  • Deer eat 7 pounds a day.

Wise plant selection can greatly reduce many homeowner’s need to apply repellents. Using more deer resistant plants in your yard makes sense.  The selection is better than you might think.

Lots of possibilities: Deer Resistant Plants

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