We’ve done all the legwork for you. What began as collecting information to help ourselves get the upper hand, was turned into a website just for you, our comrades in the war on deer damage. But not until after many hours of investigation, and a whole bunch of dollars invested, because…

All these animal deterrent products claim that they work, but how long, and how well would you consider an effective protection? We suspect you’re as fed up with your yard and garden being a deer diner as we were. The exercise of trying to pinpoint the best deer repellent available eventually led us to turn our research notes into a guide anyone could access.

Our goal? To make it easier to select the right product to protect your flower garden, landscaping, and vegetable garden from those pesky deer. The added bonus for you is that Out Out Deer was created by landscape and nursery pros just to provide homeowners with unbiased deer repellent reviews. Our directory of deer repellents provide unbiased consumer testimonies, whenever possible. It covers liquid, dry applications in both natural and chemical options.

For those who have a need to plant shrubs, trees, and flowering perennials or annuals that aren’t attractive to deer for browsing, we have also included an extensive directory of deer resistant plants. You’ll find many of them are really quite lovely in landscaping and garden applications.

We hope our work is of assistance to you.

P.S. This website has been maintained since 2008, and it’s taken much effort to keep it going. So, yes, if you make a purchase from a link on our pages, we will be rewarded with a few cents of commission. Thank you in advance for assisting us in procuring really good coffee… the secret to working a third shift. Out Out Deer is the product of burning a lot of midnight oil.

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