Deer B Gon Deer Repellent Review

Works In All Seasons

Ortho’s deer control spray works even in winter, though you can’t apply it if the spray nozzle is freezing up, or the contents of the sprayer container. Works for deer, elk and rabbits. Pleasant smelling natural oils allow this deer repellent long-lasting protection that clings to stems, leaves, and needles even in the rain.

  • Application Type: spray
  • Deer Control Method: taste, smell
  • Active Ingredients: putrescent eggs, clove and cinnamon oils
  • Rain Resistant: yes – lasts 30 days
  • All Natural: not stated – inactive sulphates probably synthetic
  • EPA Registered:exempt
  • Plant Safety: For use on ornamental plants only.
  • Professional Endorsement: none

Where To Buy:

Available from a number of local and online stores, including Amazon: Ortho Deer B Gon Deer Repellent Spray

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit

Ready To Use (RTU):

24 oz. sprayer @ $12.98     Coverage: 750 sq. ft.

1 gal. sprayer @ $24.34     Coverage: 4000 sq. ft.


32 oz. hose-end sprayer @ $10.99     Makes 3 gallons (10,000 sq. ft.)

32 oz. @ $25.93     Makes 3 gallons (10,000 sq. ft.)

Application Instruction:

Shake well. Spray lightly until all parts of the plant are covered – from all angles. Lightly spray plant leaves, stems, flowers and branches that need protection, making sure plants are covered from all angles. Do not over spray. Allow dry time of 20 minutes before watering or rainfall.

Do not allow this product to contact any plant which is grown for human or animal consumption.

Effective for up to 30 days. Reapply immediately if any signs of damage appear.

If applying in the winter, if the product freezes, allow to warm up to room temperature and continue spraying according to the label directions.

Mix 9 parts water to 1 part product. Apply the same as above.

NOTE: New growth will need spraying as it appears, which means from April-September you will need to apply deer repellent to outer edges of the plants every 5-10 days. With the onset of fall active growth stops as the plants prepare for cold weather in most climate zones.

Actual User Comments:

Deer-B-Gon works and works well providing you follow the directions (which I do). The smell isn’t nearly as obnoxious as other products I’ve used though it contains the same sulfur/egg ingredient. You do have to be diligent when using this or any other similar product. It will last a few weeks under normal conditions but you do need to respray after heavy rains (light rains, not so much). It doesn’t last forever even if you don’t get much or any rain but that wasn’t my expectation. I’ve purchased this before from a gardening center and purchased via Amazon because it saved me a good bit of money. Great product! —

“Our Hosta garden has been a veritable smorgasbord for deer this spring. After the Deer-B-Gon was applied, we haven’t noted any additional grazing on the treated plants. Once it was applied, it left no visible residue, which is a plus for a visually-attractive presentation in a garden.” —

“This product does everything it says it does. I spray one a week and have had no deer incidents” since the first day used even though we live next to a State park with many deer. It is half the cost of Liquid Fence, lasts longer, and spells like cinnamon. Be sure to buy the concentrate and not the RTU (ready to use) for the most savings.

“I used this product after Deer ambushed my flowers and shrubs. Now I hjave all new plants and shrubs and my Neighbors DO NOT!!!” —

“Did not seem to meet expectations. Six deer in yard just ate away.” —

“Rita and I are liking the new Ortho Deer B Gon Repellent for two reasons. First, the deer are keeping their distance and our plants are not being munched. And second, this stuff does not stink because the formula is based on essential oils.” — Tips From Ashton blog

“Works pretty well except you have to re-apply it after every good rain.” —

“I followed the directions, sprayed the plants. within 48 hours some of the things that I sprayed were eaten. (And there was no rain) I am not sure that any spray will work on hostas and lilies and day lilies when there is severe pressure. disappointed, but not surprised. The deer in my yard are not like the deer in the Ortho advertisement” —

Refund Policy:

Satisfaction guaranteed. Follow the refund directions on the label.

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