Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent Review

Electric-Shock Deer Repellent Stakes

As electronic deer repellent devices go, Havahart’s mild shock stakes are one of a kind. Not hard when you’ve patented the technology, but are they effective? For an easy “how to keep deer out of garden” approach, we’d say this is not your solution – unless you’re in a city or residential subdivision that is not wooded or under heavy deer pressure. Should you see the box on the shelf in a retail store you’ll find the label states:

  • Very Effective – Suburban Area. Deer density is low. Damage is mild, infrequent, unpredictable.
  • Effective – Suburban Area. Deer density is medium. Damage is moderate, frequent, predictable.
  • Effective (if repellent is moved as deer travel pattern changes) – Rural Residential Area. Deer density is medium to high. Damage is extensive, frequent, predictable.
  • Not Effective (A fence is the best option) – Rural, Non-residential, Agricultural Areas. Deer density is high. Damages is extreme, frequent, unpredictable.

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  • Application Type: mild discomfort
  • Deer Control Method: shock
  • Plant Safety:completely safe around all plants
  • Product Features:
    • Easy to install
    • Creates a psychological barrier
    • Manipulates instinctual behaviors
    • Effective range: along deer path
    • Attracts deer short range
    • Safe and humane: no chemicals
    • Battery-powered (requires 6 AA batteries)
    • Battery consumption: 1 year
    • Batteries not included
    • Step-in stakes; no tools required
    • 2-year limited warranty
Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent Review

Where To Buy:

You will find this electronic deer repellent kit on Amazon: Buy Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit

3-pack shock stakes @ $82.64 (covers 1200 sq ft).

Application Notes:

Apply a few drops of acorn-scented lure to the included cotton balls. Place in the compartment on top of each stake. Insert batteries. Install according to directions. Be sure to follow them to the letter for desired results. Rain and snow will interrupt the effectivity of the scent, and could make it necessary to refresh, depending on the amount of precipitation per occurrence. Reapply scent as needed. When you run out, you can replenish your supply at a local hunting equipment retailer.

Actual User Comments:

“Should you buy it? Well, if you want a partial solution to a deer problem, go for it. It’s certainly much better than having nothing at all… I did not pay for this product. As a member of the Amazon Vine program I received it for free.” — Amazon.com

“This product may work — I haven’t seen the deer interact with it yet. — but it’s high maintenance. It has to be opened and checked out after each rain and the cotton must be removed and re-wetted once a week. Otherwise, easy to assemble and insert in the ground. Probably not so good around small children and pets.” — HomeDepot.com

“Have not seen the deer interact with the device so I am not certain of effectiveness. I installed a Hoont Motion Activated unit at the same time and believe this is keeping the deer away, but these units and my sling shot could be helping to complete the deal.” — Amazon.com

“worked until deer learned acorn lure would shock them. When we rotated acorn, corn and apple lure on the repellers they were more consistent at repelling deer. Deer are creatures of habit and remember that the repellers shocked them when they touched them. Effectiveness is probably medium overall. Combined with other methods of repelling deer they work reasonabily well.” — NorthernTool.com

“Waist of money. To add insult to injury. Amazon won’t take these back. I installed these late July and have had more deer than ever this year.” — Amazon.com

Refund Policy:

Inquire before purchasing. Obviously there is no money-back guarantee when Amazon will not take them back if ineffective. There is a 2-year limited warranty available from Havahart.

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