Deer Stopper Deer Repellent Review

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No garlic in this one. If you’re looking for an effective, pleasant smelling, liquid deer repellent that has excellent staying power – this is it. For use on all flowers, shrubs, and ornamental or young trees. Other sources claim it can be used on all trees to prevent browsing and rubbing damage from deer. We have only used it on landscaping, annuals, and perennials – if it’s treated, no deer damage and it withstands even heavy rain. Highly recommended.


  • Application Type: foliar spray
  • Deer Control Method: by smell and taste
  • Active Ingredients:spice oils and putrescent egg solids – “pleasant smelling”
  • Heavy Rain Proof: 3-4 weeks between applications
  • Chemical Makeup: Organic: environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • EPA Registered: exempt
  • Plant Safety: Safe for ornamentals; non-burning, no discoloring, film, or staining
  • Vegetable Plant Safety: Yes! Use ribbon application
  • Professional Endorsement: National Gardening Association, P. Allen Smith, Good Housekeeping Research Institute

Original Deer Stopper Deer Repellent Label

Where To Buy:
This deer repellent brand is available from a number of merchants, including Amazon: Deer Stopper Repellent Pump, 35.2-Ounce

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit:

Ready To Use (RTU):

32oz trigger spray – covers 1000 sq ft. @ $21.59      (20′ x 50′ area)

32.2 oz pump spray – covers 1100 sq ft. @ $20.64      (20′ x 55′ area)

1 gal RTU – covers 4000 sq ft. @ $24.99      (50′ x 80′ area)


32 oz – covers 10,000 sq ft. @ $34.99      (50′ x 100′ area)

1 gal. – covers 40,000 sq ft. @ $124.99      (80′ x 125′ area)

2.5 gal. – covers 100,000 sq ft. @ $174.17      (80′ x 125′ area)

Application Instruction:

For spray direct to foliage: Apply to dry leaves. Repellent dries clear and odor free in about 20 minutes and will not wash off after a heavy rain.

RTU or ready to use solution – shake well before each use; spray plants to be protected according to label directions. Concentrate solution: Mix according to label direction with water. Spray plants to be protected according to label directions.

Deer Stopper Pretreated Ribbon is installed on 3′ tall plastic stakes. The ribbon is reusable by reapplying the deer repellent according to instructions approx. every 30 days.

** New plant growth does require further spray applications to protect young foliage from deer browsing.

Actual User Comments:

Editor’s Review: Deer laugh at everything else I’ve tried. Direct application of Deer Stopper spray to roses, shrubs, and perennials works like a charm. Doesn’t wash off! Started spraying with early growth, reapplied after lots of heavy rain to ensure it wasn’t wearing off, and a light touch up about every 10 days to protect new leaves and flower buds.

“On shrubs, I use Deer Stopper on anything tall – up to 4 or 5 feet. That, too, seems to work for several weeks …”

“It has lasted through many rains. The initial smell is powerful but it is herbal rather than the smell of fermented animal waste as some other brands. After 6 weeks of weather I’ve reapplied out of experience rather than because of deer damage” —

“I’ve found it works wonderfully and doesn’t have to be reapplied after a heavy rain …”

“Great Product! This really keeps the deer away with a nice minty scent and not that horrible putrid scent of simular products. I was skeptical at first because of the plesant scent it has, but I can honestly say after the first spraying this product works. (Even after heavy rain – it continues to repell) I’m sold and so are my neighbors; we all use Deer Stopper now.” — Amazon

Refund Policy:

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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