Deerbusters Sachets Deer Repellent Review

A Fear-Factor Deer Repellent

No messy and smelly sprays. No offensive odors taking over your outdoor living space or gardens. Clean and dry, just sprinkle it around.

  • Application Type: individual pre-bagged sacks
  • Deer Control Method: by fear.
  • Active Ingredients: 100% dried blood from animals prepared for food. Cow, pig and chicken by-products from untraceable sources.
  • Rain Resistant: only light rain resistant.
  • Chemical Makeup: All Natural: environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic to animals.
  • EPA Registered: exempt
  • Plant Safety: Thought to be non-burning on most plants. Safe for ornamental plants only.
  • Professional Endorsement: none
DeerBusters Hanging Sachets Deer Repellent Label

Where To Buy:

The prepacked hanging sachets are only available from Jung Seed in 2015.

Cannot be shipped to: CA, AK, HI

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit

Ready To Use (RTU):

24 pack of sachets @ $24.95     (75′-100′ linear feet)

Application Instruction:

Hang sachets at 3 feet above ground and spaced 3′ – 4′ apart.

Rain and wet weather actually enhance the repellent in the sachets.

No messy spraying and constant reapplication. Based on USDA Forestry Service testing this product would be best used in winter. See link provided in user comments below.

Actual User Comments:

USDA Forestry Service Study 1998-99: Found Deerbusters Sachets to be the MOST effective of in winter months. Winter effectiveness was 80% at 5 weeks and steadily declining from there. In growing season, lost effectiveness by 25% after 3 day and 50% before 2 weeks.
See comparison chart on pg. 5 at the above link the USDA Report.

A noted reference to Garden WatchDog rating applies only to customer reviews for purchase of coldframe and trellis.

Refund Policy:

Applies only to return of unopened products.

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