Plant Pro-Tec Deer Repellent Review

An Organic Deer Repellent

Not only is this an all organic deer repellent, it’s safe to use on any kind of plant. The manufacturer claims that since the repellent is all oils, and contained inside a capsule, it will outlast the majority of deer repellents on the market. Being 100% oil, it will not freeze solid in winter, offering cold season protection when spraying is impossible.

One application of Plant Pro-Tec lasts the entire growing season if properly installed. This isn’t the same old thing with a new name stuck on it. It may sound pricey until you consider your alternatives… at which point it begins to seem pretty cheap. The question is – does it work?

  • Application Type: individual pre-packaged vials
  • Deer Control Method: smell
  • Active Ingredients: Garlic oil (10%), Soybean oil (90%).
  • Rain Resistance: Rain-proof with 6-8 month activity.
  • Chemical Makeup: all natural, environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic to animals.
  • EPA Approval: exempt
  • Effects On Plants: Totally safe. Non-burning. No taste transfer.
  • Professional Endorsement: none found

NOTE:  Originally sold as Plant Pro-Tec

Fend Off Deer Repellent Clips label, same product as Plant Pro-Tec

Where To Buy:
Buy this brand of deer damage control from several websites. Buy Fend Off Organic Deer Repellent

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit:

Clip-On Vials:

25 clips @ $14.70 (covers 100 linear feet)

50 clips @ $26.97 (covers 200 linear feet)

250 clips @ $107.61 (covers 1000 linear feet)

Application Instruction:

Super simple! No sprayers, no shakers. Clean application!

Use the handy little tool that arrives with your order to break the seal on the inner vial on the clip-on deer repellent cylinders you need to use. Clip them no further than 4 feet appart on shrubs, trees or perimeter fencing. Can be clipped to grass in the lawn too. In super heavy rainfall areas it might be advisable to clip them on upside down so as not to allow excessive water to block the scent of the garlic oil before the end of the season. No further tasks are required. It is advisable to order more than you need to have excess on hand to drive your point home more emphatically if needed.

Can you smell it? Apparently not. Perhaps it is best that animals have a superior sense of smell.

Actual User Comments:

Orcon PP-R50 Plant Pro-Tec works, the deer love my lilies and this year they did not touch them. I was able to enjoy the beautiful flowers before they were devoured.” —

“Well I spent 69 whole dollars on my online order and they worked for 2 days and then the deer and or rabbits cleaned me out of flowers and delicious tree leaves.” —

“These might work if you put one on every branch of a plant but they don’t work with just a few. You can sprinkle garlic powder after every rain and it will work just as well at a fraction of the price.” —

“Worthless – Tree stakes 4ft high with poly twine in between worked far better at a little more cost” —

“There are better ways to keep deer away” —

Refund Policy:

A full refund to anyone who has used Plant Pro-Tec correctly and is unsatisfied with the results.

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