Plant Saver Organic Deer Repellent Review

A Stink-Free Organic Deer Repellent

This product from Organics by Cedar Creek Organics is unlike many organic deer repellents. Their Plant Saver Deer Repellent is free of stinky rotten eggs, urine and garlic. It is totally safe for animals and the environment. Also this is not the same product as the Plant Saver repellent manufactured in Canada by Natura Products that is a systemic deer repellent with a 2-part application.

  • Application Type: hanging sacks
  • Deer Control Method: smell
  • Active Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate and cloves. (Inert ingredients: Meat meal and bone meal.)
  • Rain Resistance: Yes
  • Chemical Makeup: all natural, environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic to animals.
  • EPA Approval: exempt
  • Effects On Plants: Thought to be non-burning on most plants.
  • Safe for ornamental plants. Safe protection for fruit and vegetable gardens too.
  • Professional Endorsement: National Home Gardening Club Of America

Plant Saver Deer Repellent Sachets Label

Where To Buy:
This brand of deer deterrent is available at Amazon: Plant Saver Organic Deer Repellent

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit:

Dry Applications:

2 lbs./10 sachets @ $31.50 (covers 380 linear feet)

25 lbs./100 sachets @ $59.95 (covers

Application Instruction:

Fill included bags with half ounce of the mixture. Hang bags every 4-6 feet. Heavy deer population? Hanging bags 2-3 feet apart is recommended. Create a perimeter barrier or hang in branches of fruit and ornamental trees and bushes.

One application lasts up to 6 months. Does not wash off in rain or under irrigation, in fact moisture increases the effectiveness of this deer repellent.

Actual User Comments:

I just spread the mixture around my hosta and it kept the animals away for the first time all my hostas look great. I have tried every spray from Lowe’s, but this one really works.” —

I filled and hung the small canvas bags in my young apple trees over 4 months ago, and so far so good. Rain seems to re-activate the contents, too. I also placed a bag in a planter full of strawberries. Last year, the deer wiped out the strawberries. This year the strawberries are doing great. I keep waiting for the apples to disappear off the branches, too, but, nothing has happened. This stuff is GREAT!” —

I hung my bags about 6 feet apart all around my little 8′ by 24′ garden and had ZERO deer problems. Seriously!” —

it may work for repelling deer but all ten of my pouches have not lasted more than one week because they’ve been eaten – I think by oppossums.” —

Refund Policy:

Guaranteed effective if used according to label directions. Organics by Cedar Creek will replace the product at no charge if consumer used the product as specified on label.

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