Plantskydd Deer Repellent Review

All Organic Deer Repellent

Does Plantskydd work? There are complaints about this deer repellent’s effectiveness. The offensive smell quickly dissipates, as does the blood bath look. The yard and garden will be free of deer, elk and moose with only 2 applications during the growing season and one application in winter protects landscape evergreens. Added bonus… Plantskydd is a viable fertilizer for all plants, but there are reports of fertilizer burned foliage, and reduced photosynthesis. Used by ornamental plant growers, farmers and homeowners everywhere.

  • Application Type:  Spray
  • Deer Control Method:  Fear
  • Active Ingredients:  Dried pig and cow blood, vegetable oils.
  • Rain Resistance:  Yes – must dry for 24 hours after application. Do not water plants in the interim.
  • Chemical Makeup:  All natural, environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic to animals.
  • EPA Approval:  Exempt
  • ORMI Listed:  Certified organic deer control
  • Effects On Plants:  Blood meal is excellent for boosting plant vigor. Expect more beauty from this application.
  • Safe for ornamental & food plants.  Approved for organic production. Do not apply directly to fruit or vegetables.
  • Professional Endorsement:  National Home Gardening Club Of America
  • Also effective as:  Elk repellent and moose repellent
Plantskydd Deer Repellent Label

Where To Buy:

This deer deterrent is available from a variety of sellers, including Amazon: Plantskydd Deer Repellent

Cannot be shipped to: CA

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit

Ready To Use:

32 oz @ $25.98 (covers 100 plants at 1-foot tall)

1 gallon> @ $67.98 (covers 100 plants at 1-foot tall)

Soluble Powder:

1 lb. @ $25.95 … makes 4 quarts  (covers 400 plants at 1-foot tall)

2.2 lbs. @ $49.95… makes 10 quarts (covers 900 plants at 1-foot tall)

22 lbs. @ $381.99 (covers over 9000 plants at 1-foot tall)

Application Instruction:

Only apply to dry plants and spray it right on them. Its totally organic, perfectly safe to apply on fruits and vegetables. Being a blood-based repellent, you’ll have no problems with it altering the flavor of home grown produce like the egg and pepper based deer repellents. In fact, your plants will love the stuff as its a natural fertilizer and will not burn the leaves. Keep the plants dry for 24 hours. If it should rain during the drying phase – you will have to reapply. Don’t water your plants during the drying phase. Dark stains will be seen on foliage and should disappear in about 3 days as the plants absorb the protein.

Don’t spray on concrete or wood as it will stain. Don’t spray directly onto flowers or fruits and vegetables! Best applied in spring when new leaves appear. Apply again when summer arrives, in mid-summer and again in late summer. If protecting landscape shrubs and trees, apply again in early fall. Stuck in a drought? You would be wise to apply it more often on new growth as starving deer will eat anything – fear looses its scariness when death by hunger is looming. Cannot be applied in temperatures at freezing point or below.

NOTE! Plantskydd Ready to Use Spray is effortless compared to mixing it from powder and attempting to spray it immediately. It is notorious for clogging, even ruining sprayers. One orchard owner lets it sit for a day or so claiming that it allows the sludge in the bottom of the bucket to liquefy. In a hurry to stop munching deer? Your best approach is to paint it on. Wear gloves. One farmer applies it to strips of rag after they are tied to heavy fencing wire posts and sticks the wire in the soil 10 feet apart – a highly effective application which could also be tied to low wire fence.

Actual User Comments:

I’ve been using Plantskydd in both liquid and granular form for a couple of years now & it works wonders.”

Supposedly it dries clear, but I didn’t notice that — all my sprayed plants have distinct black splotches on the leaves. It also seems to interfere with the plants’ photosynthesis. Sprayed plants seem to be smaller than non-sprayed plants. 
Additionally, the deer just ate around the sprayed leaves. As the plants grow, new leaves and stalks form. The bottle says that a single spraying is enough for 6 months. But if you don’t re-spray, then the new growth won’t be “protected” and the deer just eat it.” —

This is the best repellent we have found and our customers are finding that it works well in their gardens.”

Didn’t work for me. The deer still ate my hostas, rudbeckia, lillies and coneflowers.” —

This liquid has a brown color that looks like fecal material, which I think is due to the “blood” content. That’s fine if you don’t care, but I tried it on my flowers and end result was not pretty.”

Among the ingredients is dried blood. Which is a fertilizer. Sensitive plants burned after this was applied and I was careful not to use it in direct sunlight — the product was simply too concentrated a fertilizer.” —

It is messy, but it truly works… Added bonus, your plants will love the bone meal. After the red stain goes away in a week, your plants will glow with good health.”

In short, it smells really bad (to my human nose) for about a day after an application, but it works really well at repelling deer for weeks. My nurseryman says the smell makes him wretch. I think he is a whimp… I typically spray the product on the mulch or soil at the base of my plants to keep it from discoloring leaves.”

Refund Policy:

Guaranteed effective. Not happy with the results? For a full refund or product replacement, simply send the manufacturer the unused portion of the purchased product within 60 days of purchase, along with your original receipt from the store where you purchased Plantskydd.

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