PlotSaver Deer Repellent Review

A Unique Deer Control Barrier

PlotSaver organic deer repellent was created for agriculture and large area browse control. Very popular with hunters. It is not sprayed on plants, so if you’re tired of hot pepper and raw egg messing up the flavor of your fresh garden veggies, PlotSaver might be your answer. It contains no chemicals and is applied to a white ribbon tape that is said to create a barrier that deer won’t cross. In some areas, the standard PlotSaver deer barrier system might not work as there is a PlotSaver Pro that uses an electric ribbon and doubles your repellent power. It is said to be effective for keeping axis, moose and elk out of the area too.

  • Application Type: deer repellent tape
  • Deer Control Method: sight and smell
  • Active Ingredients: putrescent egg, mint and rosemary oils (81% “other” ingredients).
  • Rain Resistant: Yes – for 30 days. Does not wash off in heavy rain, snow or sprinkler spray.
  • All Natural: environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • EPA Registered:exempt
  • Plant Safety: Not applied to plants.
  • Professional Endorsement: Quality Deer Management Association, North American Hunt Club

Where To Buy:

This brand of deer browsing control is available from online stores, and the manufacturer on Amazon: Plotsaver Deer Barrier System

Cannot be shipped to: CA

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit


PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent Yard & Garden Starter Kit @ $49.99     (840 lin. ft.: Covers up to 1-acre with enough spray for about 100 days)

Concentrate & Supplies:

PLOTSAVER Deer Repellent Concentrate (16 oz.) @ $33.47  –  Covers 2720 linear feet

Extra White Repellent Ribbon @ $30.00 – 840 feet

Extra Black Repellent Ribbon @ $29.99 – 840 feet

Extra Black Ribbon Stakes (Pkg. of 30) @46.47

Extra Ribbon Clips (Pkg. of 30) @ $18.43

Application Instruction:

Apply repellent to barrier tape. Hang ribbon stretched taut on the fiberglass posts with clips. Recommended height is 30 inches, however, fawns can go under this height in late spring/early summer. Fawns taste everything! Better protection at 24″ off the ground until later in the summer when they’ve gotten taller.

It looses effectiveness in 30 days. Don’t be late to reapply. Best results – reapply every 3 weeks. The ribbon lasts for about 6 years before you need to replace it.

TIP: Its easier to dip the ribbon in a bucket or replenish with a rag than a sprayer. Reapplications are best done with a sponge for better saturation and stretching out the concentrate as far as possible.

Actual User Comments:

“This is the only product we have found to keep the deer out of our garden, it works just as expected…We no longer have deer problems.” —

“Plot Saver is not working for me in South Central Texas. Have had it up for almost 3 weeks now and my sunflowers are still getting hammered.”  —

“I’ve used Plot Saver for about 10 years with good results. The maple and apple trees in my back yard all have the Plot Saver tape strung around them. I spray a little more often than recommended…”  —

“As a recommendation from a friend with acres of plants to protect from deer, I bought Plotsaver Gardn Starter kit. So far, for the past 6 weeks, It works. 840 feet is plenty to encircle my 1 plus acre. It could be the waving of the tape that keeps the deer at bay as much as the scent deterrent. The deer are steering clear.” —

“… watched deer come up to it smell it and back off, up to about 3 weeks… the first deer in the fence will be a fawn or yearling and after one jumps the fence (or goes under) they all do.”  —

“… sprayed all the ribbon twice as well as the trunk and trees. The elk came and ate the branches, knocked down the stakes and stripped the bark.”  —

“We tried Plotsaver and it didn’t stop the deer in our area. Although they are in such bad shape that I’m not sure anything would have stopped them”  —

Refund Policy:

f for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, Messina Wildlife Management will refund the suggested retail price or replace your product within 30 days of the date of purchase.

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