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It seems pretty cut and dried. Coyotes eat deer in the wild. So, making your deer think that their habitat has been invaded by predators should make them quake on their hooves. At the very least, those pesky deer should head for the hills, if not just fall down in a faint.

Sorry, it’s just not that simple…

For starters, where do you live? How dense is the coyote population? These animals stay pretty distant from humans, and are not likely to invade the city or suburbs. They are ‘wilder’ than deer. Yes, deer are not tame and run free, but they adapt, and are considered an edge species. Deer are undomesticated animals that have evolved to thrive in a transitional environment. No cities, and very few suburbs have coyotes in residence. It’s way too much humanity for them.

So – unless you live in the sticks, your troublesome deer have no idea what a coyote is. It’s been umpteen generations of deer in your neck of the woods since this predator has been around eating them, or scaring them out of the area. Sure, the deer in the wilds of Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota, northern New York, and a host of other places are terrified of these natural enemies, but in a developed area your plant munchers probably haven’t a clue what those creatures are… let alone that they should be afraid of coyote pee in their feeding space.

Secondly, and I love this part…

Imagine collecting urine from thousands of truly wild coyotes. How would you accomplish such a feat? It must be that many if they’re selling the stuff to a national market year around. And since I live where coyotes roam free, I can tell you – it’s impossible. To a coyote, humans are the predator, they avoid us worse the plague. And do you think we have no deer here, because we have coyotes? Right. That’s why there’s electric fence around the veggies, and a regime of spraying all the pretties around the house. This kind of marketing only appeals to those who dwell in heavily populated areas, which is who it’s aimed at. You can’t possibly know any better, because there aren’t any coyotes in your area. Still, it seems to make so much sense!

But I can tell you that coyote urine is definitely not effective deer repellent. No, I haven’t tested it. I don’t need to. COYOTES LIVE ACROSS THE ROAD FROM US! We never see them, but they sing a lot, and we hear the older pups in the orchard next to this house, and yes, they come into the yard. So do the deer, who have no problem munching down on perennials, roses, and shrubs in close proximity to coyote poop (and their invisible pee). The only dead deer around here are on top of vehicles during hunting season, or have decided to run across the road at the wrong moment. No predator created skeletons or carcasses. Coyote urine repellents would never work here in the middle of nowhere!

Predator pee repellent clincher…

Thirdly, since it’s pretty apparent that ‘humane coyote urine collection’ takes place on a coyote farm so to speak, what do you suppose them caged coyotes are eating? I hope you realize that they are not eating fresh meat they took down themselves. Which is another part of the problem where predator urine deer repellent is concerned.

The smell of urine from any mammal, humans included, changes with what they eat, and drink. Every person notices that there’s a difference from one day to the next when visiting the bathroom. Your sense of smell is not as sharp as an animals’ is, and for wild animals, their sense of smell can mean the difference between life and death for so many reasons… which is why coyote pee sounds so good to the person trying to stop deer damage to their landscaping or garden.

But here’s the thing. Coyote urine deer repellent is not collected from coyotes who are out there killing deer in the woods, on the prairie, or mountain ranges. The pee is collected from coyotes in captivity, who might be getting a little venison in their diet, but that’s questionable, because hunting is restricted for humans. You can only shoot ONE deer per license – in any state. So, are these predator pee sellers running here and there and scarfing up fresh road kill to keep the ‘wild’ scent in their coyote urine? Consider that business management scenario for a couple minutes.

In all likelihood, these poor coyotes in cages are dining on dog food, perhaps with some slaughterhouse waste topping off their diet, which means the ‘meat’ in their diet is grain fed, never experienced a day of complete freedom, and probably contains a greater concentration of man’s chemical footprint than a conditioned deer would expect. So there is not even a whisper of any ‘scent of the wild’ in the coyote pee anyway.

This is not what an intelligent person would call a protective measure. So, its not surprising that no accredited study has found predator pee an effective deer repellent.

The best deer repellent?

It will be egg-based and have great weather resistance. We highly recommend Deer Stopper, because it’s definitely stopped deer damage for us.

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  1. Llewellyn Kouba

    Another one I’ve heard works is human pee. Well my take on this is again. Unless the predator should be afraid of our extracts why would they run in the other direction? Unless the human has been up-close biting them in the hoofs etc as an enemy in that sense….they likely won’t associate us as an enemy in that way right. Nor do plastic bags tied to trees work. All these things the deer just get used to as a non threat with test of time and go after our fruits. Again there is no threat of action followed up by these methods.

    • DamnDeer

      Exactly, deer aren’t terrified of humans like they used to be. Even in sparsely populated places. There are too many people, too many machines, cars, trains, planes, etc. The deer are desensitized.

      Alien creature urine just tells them that they should be wary – not terrified. The so called predator is not standing there threatening them, and they know that only humans shooting guns is cause for real concern. Until hunting season arrives, you can yell, jump up and down, throw things, blow your horn… and they just stand there looking at you in amazement.

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